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Kerala Massages in Chennai

Ayurveda is one of the most famous and important therapies practiced from many years. It is very old method of medicine but it is very effective in healing various disease conditions.The ayurvedic treatment helps in maintaining the body and mind. In our day-to-day life, we experience many stresses by work load, family members, and society. Ayurvedic Spa in Chennai heals all of your residual stress by providing excellent Spa services for relaxing the body, mind and spirit.

Ayurillam provides specialised Ayurvedic treatment in chennai, which enable the clients to visit often for their health care. Ayurvedic Spa provides different services for improving the health, relaxation of mind and body by doing massage and doing facial for beauty. We also provide other services like diet, physical exercise, meditations, yoga programs, and advice for wellness. Are you looking to incorporate into our Spa, the cost is not expenses, it is reasonable price.

Before you planned to get spa treatment, it is best to understand the kind of treatment first to ensure that you are getting the treatment of benefits that you are expecting.

Our ayurvedic spa has well experienced and well-qualified ayurvedic doctors in chennai to provide best ayurveda therapies to refresh your mind and body. There are variety of Spas varied from place of treatment and the type of equipment we used. The most famous treatment in Spa is facial, threading, massages, body wraps and also skin treatments. It helps in improving the circulation and soothes muscles.

Other specialized treatments include:

Marma massage

This massage therapy is done by herbal oil to stimulate the circulatory pressure points and nervous system.

Abhyangam :

This Ayurvedic therapy use medicated oils to provide supple and youth body.

Abhyangam and Sirodhara:

This is a traditional treatment, which medicated oil poured on the forehead in continuous process. This therapy completely relieves our stress and strain.


This ayurvedic therapy is a combination of two traditional ayurvedic treatments. In this treatment, the whole body is massaged with medicated oils.


Medicated oil is applied to the entire body and is subjected to discharge excessively by a massage with the herbs leaves.


The body is subjected by a massage with the hot herbal powders tied in cotton cloth.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage:

This type of massage focuses head, neck and shoulder area for relieving stress.

Foot Massage:

Oil massage on the entire leg area helps in relieving pain and tiredness of foot.

Body Scrubbing:

In this type, we use sea salt and honey for skin protection.

Mukhalepam or (Herbal Facial):

Herbal powders and fruits facial for removing dark circles and pimples.

Steam Bath:

This process reduces the stiffness and pain of whole body.